INDALO is a Public Relations agency specializing in providing service to IT (Information Technology) companies. Our mission is to support these companies in attaining their business objectives and being successful in the market.
We do this by proactive creation and propagation of the best possible image of our client company amongst its customers and prospects, partners and, last but not least, staff.
Thus, one of the goals our customers expect from us is to attain and preserve an invariably high degree of interest and congenial atmosphere in and around their company and its business activity.
Hence, our primary activities are focused on streamlining communications, i.e. the flow of information between the company, media, customers and internally.

The logo of our company, called The Indalo Man, is a pictograph, which was discovered on the walls of a Neolithic cavern (5000 years B.C.) in a Spanish province of Almeria.
The Indalo Man is supposed to have been a symbol of good luck, success and prosperity.

Even though the history of the INDALO company has not been that long (it was only founded in June 1999), our staff and consultants can provide tremendous expertise and proficiency in the IT business, which, more often than not, goes back to the very origins of the Polish IT boom of the 1980s.

We believe that the combination of these two historical episodes has coined a unique talisman that will assure success for all our endeavors and activities we undertake for and on behalf of our customers.

INDALO Public Relations

ul. Grochowska 341 / 281 A
03-822 Warszawa
phone: +48 (0) 22 698 70 78
mobile: +48 501 772 619

President & CEO: Zbigniew Blewoński
mobile: +48 501 772 619

Sales & Marketing Director: Małgorzata Błachnio
mobile: +48 601 349 356

Company register data:

INDALO sp. z o.o.
ul. Grochowska 341 / 281A
03-822 Warszawa Poland

UE VAT: PL 1230861019
Regon: 016 003 227
KRS: 00000 92965